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Jubilee Bunting Divider by GasaraJubilee Bunting Divider by Gasara
Thanks for checking out my gallery!! Every fave and watch is love, and I really appreciate it Vintage Lace Heart Icon 01 by Gasara

Freebies! Please credit me if you use them as your dA icon and don't repost or claim them as yours!

Free icon - James and Lily by OtterAndTerrierFree icon - Neville and Luna by OtterAndTerrierFree icon - Snape and Lily by OtterAndTerrierFree icon - RemusTonks v2 by OtterAndTerrierFree icon - Harry and Ginny by OtterAndTerrierFree icon - RemusTonks v1 by OtterAndTerrier

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Jubilee Bunting Divider by GasaraJubilee Bunting Divider by Gasara
Some of the amazing work I've faved!


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Chess by OtterAndTerrier

While Harry is fighting He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named
They talk of the latest Quidditch game

I don’t remember exactly what I read that inspired this, but basically, the idea was that Ron and Hermione got more than what they expected from their friendship with Harry, and that while they were both commited to help him, their own friendship allowed them to lean on each other and get some sense of normalcy. But also, that it was Ron who helped pull Hermione out of her worrying too much by offering some sort of escape. Accio Love! seemed fitting.

Thanks to the generous and amazing CrazyJen for turning my sketches into clean lineart for me to colour!


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:flagofargentina: by capncraka ¿Hablás español y no entendés las reglas? ¡Visitá InternationalFAQ!

: llamathankyouplz : by Gasara: favthankyouplz : by Gasara: devwatchthankyouplz : by Gasara
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Hi all! I'm a 24-year-old student of Social Communication who has this secret life where I write fanfiction and fangirl a lot. My aims here are to share my writing, photography, artwork and such for other people to see, to inspire me and to appreciate and show my support to other artists and writers. People at dA are incredibly talented; it's amazing what a camera, your hands, or a program can do!

As you might see, I like to try a little of everything. My gallery has drawings, photomanips, icons, stamps, stories, photos, animations, brushes, stock, designs... Of course it doesn't mean I'm good in all of that or that you'll find a lot of everything, but... it's fun to try!
And needless to say, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and an even bigger Ron&Hermione supporter.

Sites where you can find me:


Thanks for visiting my page.
Keep creating
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Jubilee Bunting Divider by GasaraJubilee Bunting Divider by GasaraJubilee Bunting Divider by Gasara
Hi everyone! Sorry that I haven't been around in ages (my last real deviation is from *gasps* February!). I spend more time on Tumblr now (you're welcome to follow me, and if you do, tell me who you are!). Even though I don't post here, though, I still check it every day, look for new R/Hr artwork to submit to my group and I'm also helping at InternationalFAQ (if your native language isn't English, you can find translations of the dA Help & FAQ!).You should also know that after a year of not writing fanfiction, I'm back :aww: I'll probably post a one-shot here soon.
Anyway, I offered some humble prizes for the latest contest at Harry-potter-club and I'm sorry that it took me so long, but here goes the journal feature!


First Place: ASoulInTheDark

<da:thumb id="447859303"/>
<da:thumb id="458104567"/> <da:thumb id="458098883"/> <da:thumb id="458097294"/> <da:thumb id="457916355"/>

Second Place: Celsifer

It's a Little Too Hard       Harry walked down the road, trying hard not to think about everything. Everything was so difficult. The war was getting worse. He had to take a break from Hermione to think. All his fault. He couldn't take it anymore. As tears ran down his face, he ran, screaming, yelling, wanting nothing more than to diappear. Who else would be hurt?  He finally collapsed on a park bench, gasping. 
        "Are... you ok?"  
        Harry looked up. There a girl stood with tears on her own cheeks; had he interrupted her own breakdown? He looked closer and noticed an oxygen tank at her side. Her short hair, skinny body made him think she was a lot younger than she looked. 
        "Hey? I'm sorry." The girl sat next to him. "I don't know. I saw you running up the street." 
        "Yeah. Yeah, so

Luna's Morning                Luna peeped an eye open, hardly able to contain her excitement. Had they come? It was St. Patrick’s Day and although Luna was now 8, she still got excited about the mischievous, mysterious green men who would creep in and leave gold for hiding. Throwing her covers off, Luna jumped out of bed, noticing her pink nightgown had turned green overnight. In fact, her entire room had been redecorated in jade: her collection of pebbles were shades of emerald; her bed frame and sheets were a soft celadon; even Gurgle, her puffskein’s fur had morphed (which it didn’t look too pleased about).
                Looking about her, she touched everything, inspecting every last piece of furniture,cloth, and room. Finally she ran to her bathroom, where she was delighted to see that the water from the faucets was even green. After getting herself made up for the morning as
  Must Be, Probably, Most Likely       I held the tears in for as long as time allowed. That was only the school day. When I got home, I broke down, sobbing, wanting to know what I had done, what hadn't I done, what should I have done. Today was awful. I was shaking for most of it, trying hard not to cry, yelling at people, walking around with a scowl on my face. I had to put on fake smiles when I saw my boyfriend, tell him nothing was wrong, just something stupid. Poor kid.
       What's wrong with me, you ask? Oh not much. I'm in high school so it must just be some stupid drama. I'm only a sophomore so it's probably nothing important or actually life changing. I'm only fifteen so it's most likely not really a big deal. Must be; probably; most likely. That's what runs through my senior friends' minds when they see me in a bad mood today. What's up with her? Who ticked her off now? Nothing much.
       Usually they'd be right. It doesn't take much to set off my fuse. I'm very short tempered; my sister and I proved th
He's Always There
All of him will always be mine.
The fingers that wiped away my tears and found bandages for any boo-boos.
The arms that held me in hugs that made me feel happy no matter how grumpy I was with him
The chest that served as a pillow after it got dark and I was too tired to wait for my parents to leave
The back that gave me rides when I was bored and wanted some fun
The legs that ran towards me when ever he saw me
The smile that was forever present
The eyes that were forever watching
The heart that was forever giving
I screamed of course and hit him with my trick or treating bucket.
"Stop! You're so mean." We both had grins on our faces though and his arm was flung around my shoulder. "Aw come on I was jus' kidding."
His lisp wasn't what made me smile. If memory serves correct, he was about 8 and I was 4. I liked having a friend with the same name as my new brother and his mom with the same name as me.
I've known him since then and he's been my best friend, brother, lover, enemy, an
I've Been Watching by Celsifer

Third Place: Klangadin

Neville's FantasyNeville's Fantasy
Neville Longbotton was an odd little wizard.  He was not only extremely forgetful,  and a skilled herbologist, but also had a liking for muggle video games.  Something other wizards thought was particularly strange since there were so many things to do in their world.
His favorite was Final Fantasy.  The old ones, since the new ones were getting into real world problems.  Neville played to escape reality, not to live it through someone else's eyes.  For the boy that took the most peer abuse in his year, reality was all too painful as it was.  Plus, as the bumbling son of two heroes, he could identify with many of the heroes of the early series, and hoped one day he'd get to prove himself somehow.
Most days he spent learning what his classes had to teach him about the wizarding world, from flying lessons he never got particularly good at to Defense against the Dark Arts, which he was downright terrible at.   He almost always felt

Lost MailIt's addressed to me.  That's for sure.  My name, handwritten on the front.  Although I have no idea who the person on the return address is.  The weird part is that return address.  It's my house.  
The cold chill down my spine makes me glance around to make sure no one is watching as I go about my business.
I take my letter opener, (I'm a sucker for anachronism) and slowly cut the envelope.  Inside is a single piece of paper, folded in three.  I notice that it's plain lined notebook paper.  I unfold the paper, the letter.  
A breathe of air on my neck causes me to look again, but I still see no one.  Turning back to the letter, I read the words, written by hand, in pencil.
Some fear creeps over me before the words on the paper register.  And as they do register, the fear isn't abated.
Three simple words.
I haven't been comfortable since.
Three words.
"I see you."
  Harry meets DeathHarry Potter meets the Sandman's sister,  Death. 
In the moments after the Battle of Hogwarts, a fair skinned, raven haired young lady wearing an  ankh walks slowly across the battlefield.  Her downcast eyes show the depth of her sadness, and the dead seem to all be fallen into her path.
Harry watches her, slowly sliding the Elder Wand into his robes.  The surviving students mill about, each in some level of shock at the scope of the tragedy around them.  No one seems to notice her.  No one comes close to her.
Her path leads her past lost friends and foes alike.  Tonks' hair, it's natural brown for the first time Harry remembers, lays limply for a moment in the woman's hand.  Fred's face loses color slowly, her slow path following the path of his settling blood.  Bellatrix LeStrange's wand rolls away from her foot.
Finally, she stops next to Voldemort.  As Harry watches, the spirits of the dead rise and slowly surround her.  T

Mature Content

Hot Apple CiderA cider special.
For fifty years, my grandfather rose at the crack of dawn to go to work.  When he started working, there weren't many child labor rules.  Most anyone who could walk, talk and perform basic functions could, and often did, work.  For all those years, he was perfecting a concoction that has become a staple of winters in my family.  It had to be hardy enough to help him fight through the icy days of the coldest part of winter, tasty enough to drink, and warm enough to make a simple cup your best friend.  He worked with my grandmother for 20 years to make the recipe even better.  
It sustained my mother through every cold winter day of her life.  She drank this delicious concoction without questioning for twenty-one winters before I came along.  I was born in summer, but that December, I was given a bottle with this wonder-drink in it.  By this time, of course, the recipe was as it is

Visual Art

First Place: Thilil

The Dark Lord's Demise - CotF Contest Entry by Thilil
Dreaming of You by Thilil Innocence by Thilil Hunting Rats with Barley by Thilil A glimpse of Eden by Thilil

Second Place: LovelyHufflePuff

Diablo-Harry crossover by LovelyHufflePuff
Pigfarts by LovelyHufflePuff Dobby a free Elf by LovelyHufflePuff Hogwarts by LovelyHufflePuff Whomping Willow by LovelyHufflePuff

Third Place: mox-ie

Clash of the Fandoms Contest Entry by mox-ie
A Day with the Family by mox-ie Fortune Favors the Brave by mox-ie after the war by mox-ie Rose by mox-ie

Congrats to everyone!! :clap:
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